leedock’s CBR-III Review #22-“Angelology”, – Danielle Trussoni

I love stories where angels are all warrior kick ass and refer to humans as monkeys. I thought that was what this book was going to be like. It was not.

Great title, check. Interesting cover in a paranormal bodice ripper sort of way, check. It doesn’t take long, however, to discover that the pace is glacial. Waiting around every corner is not an epic conflict, but plodding back story. “Angelology” combines a Dan Brownish plot with a “the ink on my MA diploma in creative writing isn’t quite dry yet, but I am so relevant” writing style. In short, it’s self-important with an overly complicated plot.

The story is split between present and past. The present story follows a young nun, Sister Evangeline, who stumbles on to a mystery involving her convent, Abigail Rockefeller and the Society of Angelologists. Nuns, aristocrats, and angel hunters, oh my! As the story unfolds, Evangeline learns more about her own family’s involvement, particularly her grandmother, and through a series of flashbacks we find out that angels  have bred with humans for centuries. Their offspring, the Nephilim, are hedonistic and power-hungry and are seeking for the lyre of Orpheus to amplify and secure their power. Bogged down by confusing historical and biblical references (Hello, Dan Brown), the only “twist” or  bit of action is in the last couple of chapters and even that is pretty predictable.

The only interesting plot point is that some of the Nephilim are plagued by what amounts to a genetic degenerative disease that causes their wings to waste away. It causes intense physical pain and social ostracism among the Nephilim whose social status is predicated on how colorful and big their pretty pretty wings are.

Somehow, this book garnered some rather impressive accolades, so maybe I am just missing something. Yep, I’m missing the warrior kick ass angels who refer to humans as monkeys.

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