leedock’s CBR-III Review #24-“Intertwined”, #25-”Unraveled” – Gena Showalter

Here are the reviews wherein I pixelate my head and modify my voice before exclaiming loudly….these books were magically delicious!!!

This stuff is very cheap crack-lit and I shamefully enjoyed every bit of it. Chock full of every imaginable paranormal entity, all sorts of teen romance triangles, and bad boys in reform school, these two books represent the beginning of the “Intertwined” book series.  They both follow the exploits of Aden Stone, a misunderstood teen who really shouldn’t be in reform school but for those four pesky souls that live in his head (and possess their own paranormal abilities) that make him talk to himself and get in fights.  His last chance is a ranch for wayward boys in Oklahoma and a trial enrollment in the local public school.  While Aden is busy trying to live a normal life with a psychic, a time traveller, a corpse whisperer, and a body snatcher living inside his head, he meets one girl who can block out the voices and another who he has seen in his dreams. Dreamy girl becomes Aden’s girlfriend. Dreamy girl’s werewolf bodyguard becomes power blocking girl’s boyfriend. Voila! Preternatural Scooby gang fun ensues. The plot lines of “Intertwined” are an  all over the place mess, but that is part of the romp.

I do have to admit that while I flew through the first book, the follow-up, “Unraveled”, was slower going. The first has so many plot twists, true identity reveals and hormones flying that it was more gripping. “Unraveled” is a bit more concentrated and focused (HA!) on a vampire/witch/fairy showdown with our aforementioned foursome out to save the world.

Nearly everything about these books is derivative and predictable, but they are a hoot to read–a midwestern teen version of Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse books. I’m not sure that the occasional social satire in the books is intentional as it is in Harris’ books, but it is entertaining nonetheless. The third book, “Twisted” is set to hit the shelves late August. I will be adjusting my wig and sunglasses disguise in preparation for its arrival at the local book store.

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