leedock’s CBR-III Review #26-“Stardust” – Neil Gaiman

I am woefully behind the majority of you folks who appear to have read Gaiman often and aplenty. This is my first.

Ah cleverness and multi-syllabic words I have missed ye! The union of a good idea with great writing! I set aside my twinkies to have a petit four this time and was well rewarded.

This densely woven fairly tale blends the worlds of Wall, England and Stormhold, a faerie realm. Is there anything a love-sick boy wouldn’t do to get the girl of his dreams? Tristan Thorn sets out on a quest into Stormhold to retrieve a fallen star. The object of his affection, the disinterested town flirt, flippantly vows to marry him if he succeeds. Unfortunately for Tristan, he has some competition in the star retrieval business: the 7th son of a dead ruler who seeks to inherit the throne and an old witch who needs the star’s heart to regain her youth.

Books with different plot lines that are rich stories full of many characters in and of themselves often become cumbersome and hard to follow, but  Gaiman manages to make the switches back and forth between story lines effortless. Often told with tongue firmly in cheek, the humor and sarcasm of the characters makes for a magical world where nothing is as it appears and everything turns on the power of the heart.

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