leedock’s CBR-III Review #39-“Twisted” – Gena Showalter

Sweet Lord. I read another one.(See previous shame here)

Guilty pleasure does not begin to describe these books and my subsequent shame at reading them. Damn you, Showalter and Border’s going out of business sale!  Her kitchen sink approach to YA paranormal romance is filling up the disposal very quickly but I cannot seem to flip the switch to rid myself of it. Yet.

Like its predecessors, “Twisted” is a hodge podge of everything. Was it enough for poor Aden to have a head full of lost souls each with their own supernatural abilities? NO. Was it sufficient for him to fall in love with a vampire and befriend a werewolf and a life force drainer? Clearly not. We shall make him a vampire/possessed human hybrid and we shall do so in an extremely convoluted fashion that completely disregards continuity.  A plot line that makes “Lost” seem completely cohesive and satisfying.  This one almost broke me, so I have maybe one more in me before I can crawl to the clinic for whatever placebo will get me off this junk.

I think it is the campiness, that I am still not sure is intentional, that brings me back to the wellspring of these cracky tomes. It is the same reason that I watch “Pretty Little Liars.” There is no hope for me.

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