leedock’s CBR-III Review #41-“The Declaration” – Gemma Malley

The YA version of Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go.

Longevity drugs now allow everyone to live forever. With a finite number of resources, your immortality comes at a cost. Sign the declaration, forgo having children, and you can live forever.  Illegal children become “Surplus” and are institutionalized in vocational orphanages that are geared to making them “useful” in some way to society, generally as servants to the Legals. The parents are imprisoned.

Anna Surplus is eager to begin working  to “pay back” the world for her existence. As she is reaching the age of a “Valuable Asset”, her world is shattered by a new boy, Peter, who knows her real name and her parents.

The premise here is interesting, but the execution..not so much. It picks up a little at the end, as those books belonging to a series generally do, but not enough to warrant me getting another one. Conceiving of a world with very few children in it is the meaty part of the story, but is only touched on peripherally.  A world trudging along with what will eventually amount to a single generation is frightening. With no new blood, no new perspectives what sort of stagnant planet would earth become?

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